Chevi Todd

Robbing Us Blind

The increase in energy bills is nothing to do with ‘Money’ it has to do with control as many people have started to realise. Not a lot you can do, unless you challenge it and lose the fear, or just remain centered and uplifted. Anger isn’t going to help as obviously there is evil going on  in this world, and they live off anger and fear, they thrive on it..don’t feed them..
The government will end up acting as if they are going to save you and prob force the energy brokers to lower the prices… and it will look ‘as if’ they are looking out for you!! As if.. This all feels like a problem, solution, reaction scenario to me.  But that’s my feeling, but may be wrong..
 The government have a contract with the National Grid.. They get paid twice, once via your birth certificate trust that the government set up behind closed doors in 1666 ; and then they ‘the energy brokers’ are charging you again – this is called double dipping . The banks use the same process.
The reason why they can do what they like is because we are governed by maritime law (the law of the sea) , not by the law of the land. But there are ways to challenge the system and live in the ‘Private’ and not the Public as we are doing. There are 2 jurisdictions . One is England, Wales and Scotland (the law of the land – private), and the other is the UK (Maritime Law- public)
You won’t find this info just by looking online – one has to fully understand trust/equity law and contract law. The world runs on contract law when you dig deeper, and it’s based around trust law etc…..the true law (L=land A=Air W=Water) was hijacked hundreds of years ago. The true law is the law of the creators and many are now standing up and helping to claim back our land…

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