Chevi Todd

My nickname was smiler when I was little, my mum and dad used to call me that all the time, I was always laughing, joking, making people laugh – acting the clown, but then that all changed when I started middle school.

In the past I have been subjected to bullying behaviour by other people – mostly from authority figures. I was bullied from the kids at school for having a speech impediment. Bullied by the teachers because I never paid attention in classes, then I got placed to sit at the back of the class and was called the dunce of the class. As I started working around 16, I was bullied both physically and verbally by work colleagues, the ones in authority.  Bullied by a police officer, when I served as a special constable in Leeds for four years. Bullied by threatening letters from financial companies when I struggled to keep up with payments. The list goes on… Everything was based on intimidation and fear.

I lost that smile and sparkle that I had from childhood for a long time, but I chose to stand up to the bullies and stand in my own power. I choose to live as I should have lived from the day I was born – live by the true laws of nature.

The problem with struggling with bullies is that humans are overwhelmed with fear. Fear of not been good enough, fear of not being liked, fear of speaking the truth, fear of success, and that fear stops them reaching their true potential and purpose in life. Its taken a long time to get my smile and sparkle back, but I have chosen to stand up to the bullies and stand in my own power. I choose to live as I should have lived from the day I was born – live by the true laws of nature.


I left school with hardly any qualifications. I was not interested in what they taught us., but I chose to do what i was interested in. I eventaully graduated with a computer science degree and have several qualifications in alternative therapy, coaching and music as follows:

  • – Sound Therapy Diploma (2019)
  • – Music Therapy Certificate (2019
  • – Meditation Teachers Diploma (2019)
  • – Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner  (2019)
  • – Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) Diploma (2016)
  • – Life Coaching Diploma (2016)
  • – Holistic Counselling Certificate (2015)
  • – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Diploma (2012)
  • – Reiki Energy Healing Diploma Level 1 (2011)
  • – Reiki/Seichim Energy Healing Diploma Level 2 (2012)
  • – Crystal Healing Diploma (2012)
  • – Reiki Level 3 – Masters/Teachers Diploma (2016)
  • – Singing For Health Practitioner Certificate (2020)




I enjoy helping people grow spiritually . We are all spiritual beings and we are here to learn about life. Think of the word ‘universe’ I have always seen this as a University; here to learn but also have some fun and enjoy life. Everything in life, was, and is meant to happen for a reason, even the negative parts of our life; it’s meant to happen in that way, so that we can learn from it and grow. 

If you have lost direction in life and need some help to get back on track, then why not drop me an email and book a free 30 minute zoom session to see if i can help you.


I have psychic mediumship abilities and often channel biblical messages or stories from my main guide St Bede; I have a strong connection to the bible and I am given certain topics to research – most of the teachings are based on a mixture of theology, law and science. 

In addition, I was guided to information that has totally changed my outlook on life, I was shown the truth of life that has been hidden from society and I want to share it with you because YOU deserve to now what has been hidden from YOU and your family. This information can be found here.


From this knowledge, I can honestly say that I am free to truly live. I am free to manifest my true desires. I am free to invest in myself and do anything I wish, I am free to help other people see the truth and help them manifest their goals/dreams. I am free, and so can you be.


You deserve to know the truth about what has been kept hidden from you since you arrived into this world. Step into your own power. The truth will set you free.

To find out more about the world’s biggest financial secret, sign up for  free information to the ‘Set Your Mind Free ebook below. Start living by the true laws of nature, who you are meant to be.