Chevi Todd - Qualifications/Training:

  • – Bsc Degree with Honors – Internet Computing With Creative Media  (2009)
  •  Sound Therapy Diploma (2019)
  • – Music Therapy Certificate (2019
  • – Meditation Teachers Diploma (2019)
  • – Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner  (2019)
  • – Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) Diploma (2016)
  • – Life Coaching Diploma (2016)
  • – Holistic Counselling Certificate (2015)
  • – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Diploma (2012)
  • – Reiki Energy Healing Diploma Level 1 (2011)
  • – Reiki/Seichim Energy Healing Diploma Level 2 (2012)
  • – Crystal Healing Diploma (2012)
  • – Reiki Level 3 – Masters/Teachers Diploma (2016)
  • – Singing For Health Practitioner Certificate (2020)
  • – Pranayama Breathwork Teacher Training  Accredited (2023)
  • – Shamanic Sound Healer Accredited (2023)
  • – Cacao ceremony facilitator (2023)Internet 


I thoroughly enjoy helping people grow spiritually. I work with spirit, and together, we function as a team. We are all spiritual beings, present here to learn about life. When considering the word ‘universe,’ I have always perceived it as a University—a place for learning, having fun, and enjoying life. Everything in life was and is meant to happen for a reason, even the negative aspects. It unfolds in such a way to facilitate learning and growth.

I find joy in aiding people’s spiritual growth through music, sound and art. Singing and music, based on my personal experience, have contributed more to my healing than any other modality. Music and sound frequencies assist most individuals in connecting to the source more rapidly. My primary passion lies in shamanic sound healing, where, with the guidance of spirit, I’ve developed a shamanic healing modality that incorporates other modalities alongside sound healing.

I also serve as a trance medium, frequently channeling spiritual messages and teachings from the higher realms during sound healing sessions.

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