Do you believe what you get told? or do you question things in life?

 Did you get told any of the following  ?

  • You are not good enough
  • You will never be successful
  • You are ugly
  • You are thick or a dunce

This is what I taught myself:

  • I am good enough
  • I am successful
  • I am enough
  • I am Intelligent
  • I/We are Love

What I have discovered about myself has totally changed my outlook on life and hopefully I can help you too, to perhaps change your mind set. I can  help you build your confidence to do what you love and step out of your comfort zone. Read more about me and my own journey.


I have put together several videos/articles and also run various workshops in Yorkshire that can help you understand a bit more about yourself and how you can move forward in life with confidence.

We can choose to change our beliefs about ourselves, rather than let someone else define us or dictate to us. We can choose to stand in our own power. We CAN Say NO to things that don’t make our heart sing, and say YES to what puts fire in your belly, because while we may have been conditioned, the choice is always ours to make a change. 

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Amazing healings

I’ve had 2 healings with Chevi. The first was using drums and North American Indian flutes. The music was beautiful and I didnt want it to end. I definitely felt something had cleared in me afterwards. The second one she channelled singing from what I felt was a shamanic medicine woman who was singing to my chakras! I felt like I was with my tribe and was happy. I can highly recommend healings with Chevi. The meditation sessions are also worth attending. Lots of breath work and working with the chakras. Great workout for mind, body and spirit.! 💜💜

Fiona Elisabeth Randles

Spot On Mediumship Reading

I had a mediumship reading with Chevi in her unit in Scarborough at the market vaults. I didn’t even know an underground market even existed!! Alot of things she said were spot on, and i have recommended her to my friends. I would definitely recommend her. She also does reiki healing and shamanic healing.

Wendy jackson