I’m Chevi, also known as PremChevi, a chosen spiritual name that signifies the connection between love and music. Recognised as a freedom warrior or wild warrior woman.

Despite leaving school without formal qualifications, I have consistently found success in my chosen careers. School was never my preferred environment; I harbored a strong aversion to its rigid rules and structures. My inclination to march to my own beat led to frequent reprimands, with teachers in the 70s misinterpreting my behaviour as laziness rather than recognising the existence of ADHD.

As my schooling journey concluded, I found myself relegated to what they derogatorily termed the “dummy class,” a label that further eroded my already fragile self-confidence. Nevertheless, I have always been successful in my chosen paths, opting not to pursue formal qualifications due to my fundamental disbelief in the educational system’s restrictive nature. My mission is to help individuals discover their true selves, unravel the realities of our world, and empower them to reclaim their strength while undergoing healing.

Do you trust what people tell you, or do you question things in life?

Have you ever been told any of the following:


  • You’re not good enough.
  •  You’ll never be successful.
  • You’re unattractive.
  • You’re not smart or capable.
Unfortunately, I’ve heard these things, but despite that, I always managed to get by and succeed in my chosen careers. I had a gut feeling that I would be successful in this life anyway. From a young age, I had some innate abilities. I started connecting with a higher power when I was 9, gaining insights into why we have to go through life in a physical body. I also knew I had other gifts like healing. The first time I realised this was when our family dog, Sindy Loo, would come up to me when she was sick. She would stare at me, nudge her body with her nose, and then look at me, asking me to put my hands there.
Since I was 9, I believed that we all have a contract in life, something we’re meant to do. We choose this contract before arriving on Earth but forget it, so we have to learn life lessons along the way. There is no wrong or right; everything in life happens for a reason.
For me, it’s been a long journey to build confidence, step out of my comfort zone, and let my light shine to help guide others. Life sometimes throws challenges at us, but we need to stand back up, dust ourselves off, and start again.
My life path is to guide people to let their light shine, stand up to bullies, embrace their power, and, of course, help them heal and raise their vibration. I’ve been connecting to the higher realms for over 45 years, specialising in the following:


Energy healing covering:

  • Usui Reiki (master level)
  • Seichem
  • Pranayana (Breathwork)
  • Sound Therapy
  • Light language (overriding lower vibrations with higher vibrations)
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Holistic Animal Healing

also specialise in:

  • Psychic Mediumship
  • Singing For Health
  • (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Teaching meditation
  • NLP
  • Life coaching
  • & much more…
A full list of qualifications can be seen here
 This is what I taught myself:
  • I am good enough
  • I am successful
  • I am enough
  • I am Intelligent
  • I/We are Love

What I’ve learned about myself has completely transformed my perspective on life. I aspire to share these insights with you, aiming to shift your mindset and illuminate the realities of the world we inhabit. Additionally, I can assist you in cultivating the confidence to pursue your passions and venture beyond your comfort zone.Read testimonials from my clients. 


I’ve compiled a series of videos and articles, along with hosting diverse sound healing sessions and awareness/self-empowerment transformation workshops in Yorkshire. These resources aim to guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and empower you to navigate life with confidence.

We can choose to change our beliefs about ourselves, rather than let someone else define us or dictate to us. We can choose to stand in our own power and stand up to the patriarchal influences that are impacting the world. We can say NO to things that don’t make our hearts sing and say YES to what puts fire in our bellies because, while we may have been conditioned, the choice is always ours to make a change.

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she is truly amazing

I decided to book in for reiki whilst on a weekend away in Scarborough. I had never met Chevie before…….but something told me I had to go into her shop whilst I was in the market hall. wow just wow she was able to tell me things about myself and my body without me informing her about anything in advance…..she is truly amazing and I highly recommend anyone who is in Scarborough even if it’s for a visit books in with her.

Charlotte harmony

Healing & the energy in the room was very powerful

I am Ken, a part-time wheelchair user. I have a number of health issues, but my main reason for seeing Chevie was to see if aligning my Chakra’s would help with my Fibromyalgia pain level. I have had two personal Shamanic chakra sound healing sessions with Chevie.
Chevie is a lovely charming caring lady. Chevie set me at ease & talked me through how the sound healing worked. I have also joined Chevie in a Shamanic group healing & the energy in the room was very powerful & I felt really blessed to be part of it. I said powerful, but at the same time, very gentle, peaceful. To say everyone felt a lot better, more energised after it would have been an understatement. It is hard to really say what happened in the room other than pure love for everyone in the room was very powerful. For a number of days after, I had very little pain for at least 5 days.

Chevie is a lovely charming caring person & only has a pure heart & soul. If you have been thinking of giving a sound healing ago, give it a go. I know you will not regret it.

Kenneth Skill

This lady is the real thing

I would just like to say what an unexpected find..

I came to Scarborough for a long weekend with my friend. We came across Chevie in the indoor market on the lower level, we saw a free social drop in session and being a spiritual lady my friend and myself walked in. All I can say from the moment we entered we was made so welcome and with permission a few spiritual messages where shared, I cried happy tears. I then booked a shamanic Crystal healing/Reiki session. What a wonderful experience from start to finish again tears of with held grief and bottled up emotions poured from me. Chevie held a space for me and just kept going. She worked on every area that was an issue without me even telling her a thing. She shared some beautiful messages and left proofs that was impossible to know without inside help. I came away feeling calm and lighter than I have felt in a long time. I have come home feeling different and ready to embrace new chapters and close doors and let go of old ones that no longer serve me. Chevie has a very gentle way about her but do not be deceived by that, she has a real gift that so many people I have visited in the past lacked. Chevie also gave healing to my dog Harvey, he has hip displacer and he would have stayed all day he went straight to her and turned his hips to Chevie’s hands This lady is the real thing ! Thank you Chevie I would happily travel 2hrs to see you again

Angela Smith

highly developed Shamanic healer,

I highly recommend a visit to the Buddha Shack to experience a variety of healing with Chevy. She is a highly developed Shamanic healer, who offers a range of meditations, sound healing and Tarot readings. The environment is very relaxing and cosy. I always feel so calm and peaceful after a visit to enjoy the guided meditations and healing. If your feeling stressed from everyday life, the Buddha Shack is the place to go!

kate Graham

The best Sound Healing I’ve had

I have had sound healing previously but this was the best easily the best I had, the energy was incredible and I felt thoroughly recharged at the end of it. My wife has been suffering from some pain in her side but it had totally gone by the end of the session. I can thoroughly recommend this and will be going again.

Ian Cottle

Healing words

I met Chevi for the first time this week and I benefited immensely from her advice and insight. I will definitely return at some point perhaps for a healing session or meditation.

Penny Cullen

awesome experience

What an awesome experience I had with the music and voice healing from Chevie. The whole experience was amazing. Chevie is a talented and understanding healer . She is very professional and her work with her spirit guides is awesome. I highly recommend Chevie in her Buddha Shack in the Vaults in Scarborough.

Janet Wildman

Spot On Mediumship Reading

I had a mediumship reading with Chevi in her unit in Scarborough at the market vaults. I didn’t even know an underground market even existed!! Alot of things she said were spot on, and i have recommended her to my friends. I would definitely recommend her. She also does reiki healing and shamanic healing.

Wendy jackson

Amazing healings

I’ve had 2 healings with Chevi. The first was using drums and North American Indian flutes. The music was beautiful and I didnt want it to end. I definitely felt something had cleared in me afterwards. The second one she channelled singing from what I felt was a shamanic medicine woman who was singing to my chakras! I could see her face change and knew it wasn’t her voice. I felt like I was with my tribe and was happy. I can highly recommend healings with Chevi. The meditation sessions are also worth attending. Lots of breath work and working with the chakras. Great workout for mind, body and spirit.! 💜💜




Fiona Elisabeth Randles