The Universe – A Prison or University? Or both?

I wrote a bit of this article last year after experiencing an intense Ayahuasca journey in Orgeva. It changed my life in a positive way, (but not something I would wish to repeat!! and it’s not for the faint hearted) I know some may think its a load of nonsense, but then I know those who will get it.?

I always had a deep knowing from being little that we are all energy, a spirit having a human experience, but this journey had shown me the real proof. The most scary thing for me was being shown inside my mind – a circuit going round and round in a maze in my mind, I couldn’t get out of this maze, i was shown that I was trapped in this illusion we call life. I was living in the mind/a dream; Fortunately, I was shown how to exit the illusion/matrix – I was told to watch the Matrix to understand more. I’d never seen this film as it didn’t appeal, but it had opened my eyes somewhat. I do have off days sometimes, more so this year with all the negativity on social media about the virus, but I always come back to the truth

Imagine being in a prison; not being able to do what you want, eat what you want, or leave when you want. Guards are everywhere stopping you from being free, the bars are across the windows to stop you escaping – and ‘you can’t change it’. Similar to the situation with the Lockdown, there are restrictions in place, but there is nothing you can do about it.

We make up the prison in which we see, but recognising and being aware of this will set you free, since your true self (aka highest self) cannot be imprisoned by anything, for example; the guards. The same goes for our physical body – the true self cannot be imprisoned by our body.

Similar to a prisoner; we cannot change what is going on around us at the moment, its all meant to be, and one has to accept the journey. We can however, change how we think, perceive and react to the world. We can be in control on how we perceive what happens in our life. We are all rulers of the universe. (masters of our own destiny/inventors of the world) We can change how we look at the universe, since the universe is only a projection of what we think.

When I feel stuck in life (in my ego/mind), I often get a reminder of that experience, further, I remind myself of the devil tarot card, the image shows two people chained to the devil held against their will – chained as prisoners, but when you look closely at the image, the chains around their neck are loose, meaning that they are able to release them and be free. We can loosen the chains and escape if we wish to do so. The prison door is open and nothing can stop you (your true self ) from being free. You hold the key within yourself to escape this prison..

I see the Universe as a University; Here to learn (grow spiritually) and have fun. Our physical body/our mind is a prison until we perceive things in a different way. You can choose to escape the prison mind if you wish and discover who you truly are.

I’ve always believed from a young age that we all volunteers and contracted to find our true selves here on earth, to remember the true meaning of who we are, and grow spiritually, and if we don’t find our true purpose before we go back home to love, then we get reincarnated to re-live it all again until we do remember. That’s how I perceive life on earth.

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