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Mindful Movement Meditations© Scarborough Market Vaults 26th April 11-1pm

Mindful Movement Meditations© Scarborough Market Vaults 26th April 11-1pm

A 2 hour meditation for those who struggle to meditate the traditional way.

I’ve developed several distinct movement meditation techniques, along with other movement meditations that offer a unique approach to meditation and inner exploration. This workshop offers a taste of movement meditation, possibly paving the path toward our full-day transformation program. So, if you struggle with traditional meditations, this two-hour session may be for you.

The Benefits:

Movement meditations blend physical activity with mindfulness, fostering relaxation, inner peace, and a deep connection with oneself. Unlike seated meditation, they promote a dynamic energy flow, reducing stress and enhancing concentration. These practices also boost creativity, body awareness, mental clarity, focus, self-expression, and energy levels.

To be held at The Buddha Shack Studio at Scarborough Market Vaults, St Helen’s Square, Scarborough YO11 1EU

Suggested Donation is between : min £10 and £15. Booking is essential. You can reserve your space here and enter your prefered amount.


Apr 26 2024


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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