Shamanic Sound Healing Session Scarborough




Shamanic Sound Healing Session Scarborough

Enjoy a shamanic sound healing journey with me. I use several Native American Flutes, a Tongue Drum, a Shamanic Drum, Tuning Folks and my voice. I chant/sing in Native American tongue, and may pass any messages that you may need from your spirit guides. I channel whatever is needed and use the instruments I am drawn to, I work by intuition. Shamanic Sound Healing is a modality that enables us to heal within. Some clients have heard my voice chnage as I channel the healing, some clients have seen my face change into a spirit guide. Click here to view some testimonials.

The intention of a shamanic sound healing sesson is to help heal the client’s body by cleaning the aura, balancing and cleaning the chakras, removing unwanted blockages, clearing past ancestral energies no longer needed.

To book a session, you can book on here, by selecting the date you want first, then make payment. You won’t be dissapointed.



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